short inca trail

short inca trail

2 days inca trail (daily departures)

The short inca trail, or 2 days inca trail is a fantastic short trail. Walking by this short inca trail or 2 days inca trail, or short inca trail to machu picchu you can enjoy the pure nature in machu picchu area, the 2days inca trail is a challenging hike to machu picchu. The reasons to hike the inca trail are many: Here we give you more reasons to hike the inca trail, the 2 days inca trail, or short inca trail has a fantastic nature with valleys, from distance also are possible to see snow capped mountains and great variety of plants, birds and animals. The short inca trail itself cannot be understood without its stairs, which makes it a pilgrimage to machu picchu. The 10 km, is adequate for people who has not much time for the larger hike, and also its low are makes possible that it can be walked without care about the altitude sickness. The award of the short inca trail is the archaeological site, and previously many nice inca sites along the 2 days inca trail that reveals the great knowledge and organizational skills of the Incas, with the impressive Machu Picchu as a more than worthy final. the short inca trail is advised for people with no much time, and people who wants to trek a short inca trail section.

Short inca trail trip itinerary:

Day 1 .- the 2 days inca trail starts with transfer from hotel between 05.45 to 06.00 hrs, then car drive to train statin aout site cusco city, for this short inca trail to machu picchu is needed train to the km 104. Upon arrival and get registered we visit an archaeological sites of Chachabamba at 2200 masl. In this section the inca trail presents a foresty falley with warm temperature, it begins with short and gradual uphill inca trail. Nice river is seen from the short inca trail or 2 days inca trail, while it goes far iver sound disappears, the trail leads to Wiñay Wayna the nicest inca site on the short inca trail to machu pichu the tour takes some minutes. The way offers beautiful landscape, the Urubamba river, orchids are offenly seen along the trail and many birds, after this site at only few minutes there is the inca trail trekker lodge for lunc or to buy a drink. But nothing in compared with the first view of machu picchu from a distance, immediately we summit the gate of sun there is the surprise of the short inca trail we stop to enjoy the pure nature and observe from a distance the magic machu. In the afternoon we walk the last section of te short inca trail mostly downhill towards Machu Picchu, at arrival if there is time we can see machu picchu from a nice lockout and finally check out the short inca trail or 2 days inca trail and take bus to aguas calientes to spend the night in a nice hostel with hot shower and private bath.

Day 2. – Early departure in order to make a tour to machu picchu. From Aguas Calientes is needed bus ride for 30 minutes to reach Machu Picchu in hours before the main group of visitors arrives. The shor inca trail gives opportunity to receive the sun rise in machu picchu, even the opportunity to hike wayna picchu mountain, machu picchu is on the mountains on its saddle high over the Urubamba River. Upon arrival the short inca trail, or 2 days inca trail guided tour starts early morning and it takes about 2 hours, walking tour to the most important areas of Machu Picchu. We will learn about the importance, religious and historical of the place, place to appreciate the fine architecture of the incas. After the short inca trail guided tour you get free time for leisure or any activity you you want. from where one has a good overview of the whole area and the full site of Machu Picchu. Another possibility is to visit the beautiful temple of the moon. In the afternoon we meet in Aguas Calientes to take the train back to Cusco where ends the short inca trail.

The short inca trail to machu picchu includes:

  • Transfer from hotel to train station. train from cusco to km 104, where the short inca trail begins.
  • Bus from machu picchu to aguas calientes town.
  • Train from aguas calientes to Ollantaytambo.
  • All entrance fees (short inca trail and Machu Picchu).
  • Professional english speaking tour guide.
  • Meals, box lunch, and dinner in day one, breakfast day two.
  • 01 night hostel in Aguas Calientes Town.
  • First aid kit.

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